West Indies Process for Emulsified Offshore Crude

  • Process Design & Project Consulting
  • Centrifuge Skid Mounted Units
  • Government Regulated Markets
  • Offshore Emulsified Crude Oil

In 1997, the principals were asked to design and build a process to break an emulsion in offshore crude oil production for a client in the West Indies. The location of this project forced them to create a compact design for shipping purposes. They were able to skid mount the unit and fit it inside a shipping container. This concept is still used today for WM Dolphin Services skid mounted units. There have been many modifications over time as they fine-tuned the process to meet project demands.

This project was unique in the design and transport stages, but mostly in the principals’ ability to design a process and chemical program allowing the customer to break an emulsion where they had not previously been successful in doing so. In addition, the process had to produce an oil stream that met strict government requirements. The principals designed and built a facility in Trinidad that handled the processing of emulsified offshore crude oil in shipments of 400,000 barrels. Clean oil exiting the process was sold into the market, meeting all government regulations.