Exploration & Production Oil Recovery Facilities

  • Mud Disposal Facilities
  • Oil Recovery
  • 2-Phase and 3-Phase Centrifugation
  • Design, Build, & Operate
  • Replace Solidification
  • Saving Valuable Air Space

WM Dolphin Services has designed, built and operated several processing facilities specific to Exploration & Production (E&P) waste streams. The WM Dolphin team works with each client to determine the need and desired outcome. The Dolphin team is equipped to not only design and build these facilities, but is also capable of handling operations depending on customer needs.

In 2011, the WM Dolphin principals design and built American Oil Recovery (AOR) located in Lufkin, TX. AOR is a Texas Railroad Commission permitted reclamation facility, focused on oil recovery of crude wastes associated with exploration, production and transportation.

In 2012, the Dolphin team began working with Waste Management designing a Mud Processing and Oil Recovery Facility for the Covel Gardens Landfill located in San Antonio, TX. This facility, utilizing a robust process with 2-phase and 3-phase centrifuge technology at its core, was able to process 8,000 bbls of drilling fluids per day. This process significantly reduced the volume of the solid waste stream, saving valuable air space in the landfill. The Dolphin process was also able to recover oil from drilling fluids processed. The WM Dolphin Services team has since designed, built and operated both Mud Process Facilities and Oil Recovery Plants for clients in West Texas as well.