Success Stories

spearheading-us-refinery-waste We helped revolutionize waste processing and resource recovery for US Refineries with our 3-phase centrifuge.
refiner-centrifuge The processes we designed for five major gulf coast refineries reduced, and, in some cases, eliminated hazardous wastes.
west-indies-process When one of our crude oil production clients needed assistance breaking an emulsion offshore, we were there to help.
TDU Our team has extensive experience working with Thermal Desorption Units across the United States.
refinery-clean-up-project Contractors performing tank cleaning utilized our 2-phase and 3-phase centrifuge technology to help shut down and clean up of a refinery.
engineering-design We have designed, built, and operated several processing facilities specific to Exploration & Production (E&P) waste streams.
design-build-&-operate-refinery Find out how we managed to install a new process and get it operational within 48 hours of arriving on site at a Texas City refinery.
biology-retention-pond-dewatering We prevented plant down-time with rapid response and 24 hour on-site operations for just over six weeks.
food-proteins-wastewater A national poultry producer improves health, safety, and environmental standards while increasing plant profitability through sustainable management of complex sludge wastes.

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