American Oil Recovery


Our oil recovery facilities are designed to reduce or eliminate oily waste streams, providing our customers with cost reduction and in some cases a value for their oily streams.

The WM Dolphin Services team designed, built, and operates American Oil Recovery, LLC (AOR) in conjunction with our partners. AOR is a crude reclamation facility located in Lufkin, Texas. AOR is an environmental services company that supports the petroleum industry with resource recovery. It received permits from the Railroad Commission of Texas in 2011. AOR caters to upstream, midstream and downstream customers providing a market for your crude oil tank bottoms.

Acceptable Material

  • E&P Tank Bottoms
  • Water & Oil Based Drilling Muds
  • High BS&W Crude Oil
  • Crude Pipeline Tank Bottoms
  • Crude Barge Bottoms
  • Crude Railcar Bottoms
  • Refinery Crude Oil Storage Tank Bottoms (Prior to Refining)

For more details about these services, please visit American Oil Recovery.

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