Process Design & Engineering


Whether you are dealing with variable waste streams like tank bottoms or managing reoccurring streams, your dewatering process could be costing you extra in transportation, handling and disposal costs.

In the waste processing industry, experience is often the difference between success and failure. Our seasoned engineers can design a process specific to your waste stream.

Separation Process Optimization

An optimized separation process is necessary for achieving the best separation and/or resource recovery possible. Finding the right spin rates, feed rates, and chemical dosages for your waste streams are critical components for optimizing your centrifugal separation process.

Our process design and engineering services aim to maximize your uptime, increase processing capacities, minimize waste volumes, and reduce your environmental footprint. We work with you to develop the most cost-effective way to manage your waste streams.

Proven Process

We apply extensive industry experience to achieve a process design that meets your technical and operational goals and objectives.

Our proven process starts with technical discovery meetings and site visits. After we learn more about your operation, we develop a conceptual design and process rendering based on leading-edge processing technologies. From there, we validate operational parameters and process output requirements before initiating detailed design.

Our two decades of continuous process improvement experience place us in a position to troubleshoot the challenges presented by your waste streams and implement strategies for reducing your operating costs.

For more details about these services, download our process design and consulting brochure.

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