Design, Build & Operate

Whether you are managing variable waste streams like tank bottoms or dealing with routine streams, having an experienced ally in waste processing can often mean the difference between success and failure. Our process design and consulting services aim to maximize your uptime, increase processing capacities, minimize waste volumes and reduce your environmental footprint. As your full-service environmental services provider, we work with you to develop the most cost-effective, low-impact way to manage your waste streams.

Processes we design today will be industry standards tomorrow.

Technology is important, but expertise is critical. Our engineers will design a process specific to your waste stream to achieve maximum separation of dry solids, water and oil recovery. Our operators will optimize by staying on top of the varying dynamics that impact performance, such as spin and feed rates, temperature, chemical dosage, and routine maintenance. An optimized process means achieving good separation and resource recovery.



We apply our extensive industry experience to achieve a process design that meets your technical and operational goals and objectives. Together, we can troubleshoot the challenges and implement strategies for reducing your operating costs.

  • Experienced engineers design a custom process
  • Powerful empirical formulas back separation and recovery efforts
  • Top-of-the-line equipment handles the dirty work
  • Fast, reliable service minimizes your downtime
  • Exceptional safety record reduces your exposure to risk

Facility Engineering


We apply industry experience to achieve a process design that meets our client’s technical and operational needs. Following technical discovery meetings and site visits, our team develops a conceptual design and process rendering based on leading edge environmental technologies.

When our engineers design a waste minimization and resource recovery process, it works in theory and in practice. It’s a tall order, but our proven process ensures a final design that can achieve the performance specifications we expect onsite. Simply put, how it works on paper is how it works.

Turnkey Solutions

We provide turnkey waste processing solutions and collaborate with your existing vendors to get the job done safely, on time, and on budget. As a true turnkey provider, our work begins at the point of generation, identifying best options for processing, treatment, transportation and disposal. The cornerstone of our solutions emphasizes safety as a core value and environmental compliance as a company standard.

  • Technical Discovery
  • Conceptual Process Design
  • Specification Validation
  • Detailed Process Design
  • Facility Construction
  • Equipment Operation
  • Waste Management

As North America’s largest environmental services provider we offer comprehensive solutions customized for your individual waste needs.

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