Beef Processing

Beef Processing

Beef Processing Done Right

If you process beef at your facility, you know how important it is to have equipment you trust and a system you can rely on time and time again. At Waste Management Dolphin Services, we’ve perfected the beef waste processing system to minimize your waste output, eliminate your processing equipment reliability and maintenance headaches, and increase your recovery yield and market value.

Our proven dewatering and recovery process system and equipment is custom-designed for each processing facility. We’ll take the time to understand your facility and design a dewatering and recovery process fitted to your facility’s current and future needs and goals. With WM Dolphin’s technology, we’ll help you separate, capture, sell byproducts to increase your revenue streams, and lower your total operating costs.

How Our Process Will Help You Meet Your Goals

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    We take the time to understand your goals, and craft a design solution that will meet your unique needs. WM Dolphin can handle all of your projects — even those that need to be installed quickly for special projects or events. Our equipment is built in the U.S., which translates into a faster delivery experience for you, and the added comfort knowing that wear replacement parts are in stock and available without a long wait time.

    Whether you need turnkey systems or straight equipment sales, our flexible business model means we can meet your specific goals when you need us most.

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    Need our equipment for a short amount of time? Or maybe you need it for the life of your project? We can handle all of your beef dewatering processing stream needs with the equipment and personnel ready for quick turnarounds on urgent requests.

    If you’re looking for the driest dewatered solids possible, you’ve come to the right place. Our systems mean less wastewater and more sellable byproduct. WM Dolphin provides one of the best and most efficient processing and recovery guarantees in the industry for high-volume complex sludges and FOG recovery.

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    Don’t lose a minute to downtime. WM Dolphin’s flat rates includes ALL maintenance for your entire contract with us. When you need us onsite, we’re there until the job’s done right and everything is running smoothly.

How We Know It Works

After working with a major beef producer in the Mountain West, a leading producer of beef products, we expect a significant reduction in sludge T&D costs. This company is expected to gain a six-figure return in annual savings by installing the WM Dolphin process at their location.

Success Stories

Poultry Protein Processing

When a well-known chicken rendering facility in the Southeast partnered with WM Dolphin, our integrated centrifuge system allowed them to sell their solids to a rendering plant, offering a small but previously untapped source of revenue. They were also able to sell recovered oil to a commodity broker, which was valued at four times the rate after implementation of our process, and led to an estimated six-figure annualized revenue stream.

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