WM Dolphin, a division of Waste Management, is your single source for smarter dewatering solutions. We combine advanced dewatering technology and years of experience to design, build, operate, and maintain custom dewatering and commodity recovery processes to help you minimize waste, maximize resource recovery, and more.

Who Do We Work With?

WM Dolphin works for a variety of industrial and manufacturing industries, including Oil Refining, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Petrochemical Complexes, Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes, and more. Whatever your industry, we can create the optimal waste processing solution for you.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

We have the expertise to safely handle everything, from scheduled maintenance to outages, turnkey project management and more. We work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution to minimize and manage your waste streams.

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How Are We Different?

We take the time to understand your specific needs, and we design, build, operate, and maintain the most efficient dewatering processing systems to meet those needs. We’ll take care of everything at your site, and help you minimize waste and increase commodity recovery yield.

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Our Services

Oil & Chemical Facilities

Our oil recovery and sludge dewatering processing technologies are designed to reduce operating costs and increase recovery yield and market value for your commodity streams. Our industry-leading equipment and advanced turnkey dewatering technology make us a recognized leader in the industry, and we’re ready to put our years of experience to work for you.

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Food Processing

Whether you process poultry, pork, or beef, WM Dolphin can help you produce the driest solids output possible, reduce transportation and disposal, and recover Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOGs) while enhancing its market value. Our process is designed with consistency in mind for repeatable results you can count on.

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Our Industries

From upstream to downstream oil and gas exploration, refining, and beyond, we have the expertise and a modern fleet of dewatering equipment fitted with advanced processing technology to get the job done on time and under budget, effectively and efficiently.

Success Stories

Poultry Protein Processing

When a well-known chicken rendering facility in the Southeast partnered with WM Dolphin, our integrated centrifuge system allowed them to sell their solids to a rendering plant, offering a small but previously untapped source of revenue. They were also able to sell recovered oil to a commodity broker, which was valued at four times the rate after implementation of our process, and led to an estimated six-figure annualized revenue stream.

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